Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Zindagi Live Felicitates Woman with Extraordinary Courage:Ummul Khair

You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he/she is willing to climb.
                                                                              Andrew Carnegie
I have met people who have nothing but complaints about life, about system, about surroundings, about what not. They are blessed people with both hands, both legs, a good pair of eyes,a presentable face; but still they do not know how to count their blessings. For people like them, one meeting with Ummul Khair can change their perspective towards life.

Ummaul Khair, a girl with Cerebral Palsy; an incurable disorder, is about to complete her Bachelor of Law from Chennai. Some people might say what a big deal; but the million dollar answer is that she is doing it with the help of an NGO, not parents. Unfortunately, she is not only has a physical disorder(in eyes of world,not for her), she has suffered because of poverty, deprivations like a general person. Not only this, she lost her father few years back which compelled her younger brother to leave studies, come forward and earn livelihood at a young age. Ummul regrets that because of her expensive medication and caring, her brother could not complete good education. Now in a world, where people think about themselves first, Ummul took the initiative and approached an NGO at Chennai named Vidya Sagar to help her to get education  and care when she was 20 years of age. Ummul,now 35, had not only relieved her family, she has persuaded her dream of becoming a lawyer someday. She dreams of fighting court trials someday and become a successful lawyer. After meeting Ummul my faith in 'power of mind' has strengthened many folds.
Ummul has received Zindagi Live award from CNN IBN for courage to face life & its difficulties. The prize comprised of a trophy and a cheque of 1 lakh Rupees. Ummul is very pleased by her achievements, specially by this award. Zindagi live has felicitated Ummul for her courage and intelligence. Among 8 winners, she was the only disabled winner a cerebral palsy disorder person who has to spend her life on a wheelchair. Ummul sincerely wants to call her differently abled,so are we. While talking to her I completely forgot that she is on a wheel chair. Her witty answers were making atmosphere so light, her "shero shayari" were so intellectual and full of courage, that you surrender to respect and nothing else.
Ummul shares that she is a romantic person. Instead of complaining she considers her disorder a blessing in disguise. She says that since she hails from a muslim falmily, and if she would have been normal she might have been married and have kids by now. The dream of being educated and having a career would have taken a backseat. But since she is differently abled, she got an opportunity to explore life and look beyond horizons.  A shy Ummul shares that its nothing like she doesn't want to get married; she wants to, she wants to have a life partner of her dreams, she is just waiting for the right person.
 Ummul is an example of tremendous energy and strength. We must learn the art of living from her.

Ummul doing Rappling at an event: Disability doesn't stop her from trying new things.